Dry Verge, Ridge & Valley Systems

Traditional mortar bedding is still the most widely used fixing method in England and Wales, compared to Scotland where currently 80% of all verges are mechanically fixed.

However, the increase incidence of storms over the last few years has clearly highlighted the unreliability of mortar to secure the tiles.

Dry Verge provides a strong, weather-tight and mortar free verge solution for the majority of tiles to leave your verges mechanically fixed and maintenance free.

Valleys are one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof. Trademarc Roofing provides a dry valley system which is totally weathertight and compatible with all concrete, clay plain and interlocking tiles.

Dry Ridge systems come in a variety of designs but offer a similar level of performance. They are designed to secure the ridge tiles which are located at the apex of a roof mechanically fixed maintenance free.